Humanity's Darkest Hour

There's no pleasant way to approach the subject of sex trafficking - especially the use of toddlers, tweens, and teens for adult pleasure. This is an astonishing and unprecedented evil in our world. It's unbelievable to know that men and women are making billions (with a 'b') in the child rape business. I don't want to believe any of this is true, but there's too much evidence pointing to the contrary. 


Go see this movie. You won't regret it and you won't forget it. The film is based on the true story of a man named Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). Ballard left his cushy Department of Homeland Security (DHS) job to pursue the world's most notorious perpetrators. 

I recently listened to a podcast where he described watching child rape videos in order to accurately testify in federal court. Truly, this man locked eyes with the devil and all of hell multiple times in his career. Not to mention, the success of Ballard's operations sometimes required him to play the role of a "buyer." His experiences are corroborated by the testimony of U.S. Health and Human Services whistleblower, Tara Rodas (more from her later). 

One of the saddest details of Ballard's story is the legal and financial restrictions he faced in the field. On foreign soil, Ballard was often limited to the resources of local law enforcement and, in some cases, forced to leave victims behind. Constitutional jurisdictions also prohibited Ballard from arresting and charging traffickers who weren't American citizens. Although Ballard and his team claim to have helped more than 6,000 enslaved youths, he estimates more than eight million children are being trafficked worldwide. Of those, two million are traded for sex multiple times a day. 


I've witnessed increased amounts of persecution directed at the movie, Ballard, and lead actor Jim Caviezel (who plays Ballard in the film). Questions and accusations are flying off about Ballard's recent departure from O.U.R. and the Clinton affiliate that funded the 2018 production. When I stop and consider these matters, I'm honestly left with one question: Who cares!? Children are being tortured for the amusement and pleasure of adults - IN THE UNITED STATES!! My nation is the number one consumer of child rape material and pornography. I'm wholly incapable of seeing past this tragedy at the present moment. 

Since Ballard chose to tell his story through dramatic art (as opposed to a documentary or releasing raw footage of child rape crimes), there's a necessary cinematic appeal in the full-length film. I'm not at all offended that certain parts of the movie were exaggerated. And I'm certainly glad child rape wasn't portrayed exactly the way it happens in real life. Thankfully, the producers and actors spared grotesque sound effects and imagery that still play on the imagination of any viewer.

Click the image to hear Ballad's testimony before Congress.

The most common fake news narrative brands Sound of Freedom a "QAnon conspiracy" that insights child trafficking "alarmism." I don't doubt some major media outlets are on the side of predators, especially since many of them work for the elites who practice these atrocities. Sadly, the child rape business is much easier to believe as Jeffrey Epstein's legacy lives on, as the high fashion industry photographs toddlers in BDSM, and Magic Kingdom employees are charged with sex trafficking. When evil brags openly about coming for our children, we should believe it.  


If you know me, then you know I'm constantly encountering and confronting corruption in America's public education system. Even if kids never enter the sex trade, there are powers working to normalize perversion and immorality. School districts are enforcing dangerous bathroom policies, hiding gender transitioning from parents, and adopting highly sexualized curriculums. In 2017, it was estimated that "10% of K-12 students will experience sexual misconduct [from] a school employee by the time they graduate high school." I'm sure that estimate is higher now.

Another link is the crisis that's happening on America's southern border. If anyone believes illegal immigration leads to a better life, they are willfully and hopelessly ignorant. Rodas testified before Congress that since Biden took office, 85,000 migrant children have disappeared in the interior of the United States. No doubt most are now enslaved. Everyone crossing the border illegally owes a tremendous debt to their handlers, and bodies can be sold multiple times.

Rodas told this reporter the story of an 8-year-old boy who was trafficked all the way to the United States. By the time he arrived, he was a wearing diaper because he could no longer control his bowels. Can you imagine!? His life (and millions more like him) is ruined! There will be hell to pay and I pray the wrath of God is soon poured out on the wicked. Don't expect me to care about who funded the film or whether Ballard's story was perfectly accurate. Jesus said it would be better to have a millstone (thousands of pounds) tied around one's neck and drowned in the depths of the ocean than to corrupt a child (Luke. 17:2). 

Our mission should be to find the exact amount of millstones to annihilate this evil. 


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