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Tithes & Offerings, Blessings & Curses

"Sow a seed, reap a harvest "... "Offerings are everything above the tithe"... "Tithe is the first 10% of your gross income"... "You can't give an offering until you tithe"... "Tithing rebukes the curse off your money and your life"... "You're robbing God when you withhold tithes and offerings"... "Tithing is the only way to release a blessing over your finances." I 'm sure you've heard at least one of these declarations from the pulpit, from televangelists, from that enthusiastic member in the next pew. The American Church is saturated with erroneous messages on tithes, offerings, blessings, and curses. After practicing a religious, fear-based, anxiety-laden, investment formula for 15 years - and finding myself as broke as the day I began - I went back to the Scriptures. It's not that I don't trust Christian leaders, I simply had to comply with  2 Timothy 2:15  and see for myself. WHA

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