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Product of the American Gospel

This is a depiction of what we'd see if we could directly observe the spiritual realm surrounding most American churches. It's the product of preaching false gospels, concealing the reality of hell, comforting sin, entertainment, falsifying God's will for health, wealth, and prosperity, and otherwise failing to lead present generations to repentance. PLATFORM PIMPS   I'm watching headline after headline, reading report after report of so-called pastors manipulating, sexually assaulting, and defrauding their congregations. There are even instances involving minors, substance abuse, and negligence. While these grotesque offenses may not represent the Body of Christ as a whole (indeed a majority probably won't get entangled in scandals), the high-profile cases of perversion and debauchery are silencing the authentic Christian message. Jesus Christ is not an abuser. He is not a swindler. He is not a liar. He doesn't exploit His followers, put on a show to build an e

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