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Wolves Dwelling Among Us

T his is absurd. I thought the shock would wear off by now. Yet, I'm blown away by waves of gross exploitation, abuse, and depravity crashing through the American Church. Surely, the wolves are dwelling among us and we do not know it. MINISTERS ON A MISSION FROM HELL T he dam finally broke in December 2023 when International House of Prayer Kansas City founder, Mike Bickle, was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl in the 1980s. At first glance, I thought the headlines were fake news. The drip campaign and damage control coming from IHOPKC leadership led me to believe this was a coup to de-platform Bickle, who'd confessed to having "an inappropriate relationship." Once hard evidence and more accusers came forward , I had to make some mental readjustments and repent for my share of victim blaming in the comment sections. There's no coming back from this scandal, so it's only appropriate that IHOPKC shuts down  for good. When I heard about Robert Morr

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