Wolves Dwelling Among Us

This is absurd. I thought the shock would wear off by now. Yet, I'm blown away by waves of gross exploitation, abuse, and depravity crashing through the American Church.

Surely, the wolves are dwelling among us and we do not know it.


The dam finally broke in December 2023 when International House of Prayer Kansas City founder, Mike Bickle, was accused of sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl in the 1980s. At first glance, I thought the headlines were fake news. The drip campaign and damage control coming from IHOPKC leadership led me to believe this was a coup to de-platform Bickle, who'd confessed to having "an inappropriate relationship." Once hard evidence and more accusers came forward, I had to make some mental readjustments and repent for my share of victim blaming in the comment sections. There's no coming back from this scandal, so it's only appropriate that IHOPKC shuts down for good.

When I heard about Robert Morris sexually abusing a 12-year-old girl in the 1980s, I had no words. I thought it wise to wait before passing judgment this time. Turns out he also lied about his history of pedophilia, claiming he'd had an affair with a "young lady." When the story first broke, church leadership initially said that Morris---who refused to compensate the victim---had confessed his sins, gone through counseling, and was restored to ministry not too long after the incident. The elders recently amended their statements, now alleging they "didn't have all the information," including the girl's age and the timeline of abuse (from 1982 to 1987).

What more can I say? We're still waiting for "pastor" Tony Evans to publicly confess whatever sin led to his resignation. "Bishop" T.D. Jakes was rumored to have stepped down after being exposed for his ties to the sleaze-bag, music mogul, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs. Of course, for every big-name preacher, there are lesser-known dishonorable mentions: the child pornographer "pastor" in Florida; the groomer "pastor" in Missouri with victims coming out of the woodwork; the sodomizing "pastor" in Kentucky. There's more, but this is enough to prove the American Church empire is falling like Babylon. Like Rome.

To everyone in Christendom petitioning the Lord for revival, He is answering your prayers. It doesn't look like Brownsville or Azusa Street, but it's happening now. Do you recognize it?


Whenever I see the phrase "moral failure," I want to scream at the top of my lungs! This crackpot, evangelical term is a mockery of the Cross. The Savior didn't die for moral failings any more than one can get into heaven by being "a good person." Jesus gave His life because humans are dead in their souls. We are rotten to the utter core of our being. We are violent, wicked, lovers of darkness, prideful, lustful, self-righteous, addicts. We love our sins more than the holiness of God. What would happen if Christian leaders and journalists started telling it like it is rather than provoking the Father with our foolishness?

The rape, sodomy, molestation, and sexual grooming of children don't simply render someone a moral failure. In the world, we call these types criminals, predatorsperverts, and pedophiles. We say they are deserving of the biggest millstones around their necks. Why are so-called pastors any different? Why do they get away with it? Because the crime was covered up for 30 years? Because they're popular and powerful? Because their sermons and books "touched so many people"? Corrupt men, these lovers of money, are tarnishing the reputation of Christ, yet we defend them. This is blasphemy. Church growth and success be dammed if leaders can't remain faithful and keep their moral character intact.

Are my words harsh? Am I "casting stones" while living in a glass house of my own sinful past? Hmm. Well, I'm not pastoring a congregation. I'm not smooth-talking people and guilt-tripping them to give away 10% of their income. I'm not building a megachurch empire. I'm the same person in private as I am in public. I don't have skeletons or secret sins, and I'm hardly in any situation where I'm forced to lie to save face. When I see the comment sections full of quotes from John 8:7 and Romans 3:23, I wonder, what about passages where Jesus called the religious leaders "hypocrites"? Does anyone remember the apostle Paul admonishing Christians to confront and excommunicate those who practice sexual immorality and extortion in the church?


This mass exposure is God's direct response to a generation of converts lulled into a lukewarm stupor by celebrity pastors. We are the generation deceived with prosperity gospels and false doctrines of eternal security. We're that depraved generation of Judas Iscariots who betray the Lord for money, the narcissists who've fallen in love with our own reflection. God is so kind to send us a wave of mercy before His fiery judgment burns through the American Church.

Will we continue to deny the overt lack of decency and humility within our religious sect? Some so-called ministers are outright pushing the doctrine of demons on a global scale with no shame. It makes no difference if we start in a good place and then lose our soul along the way. We're called to live disciplined lives, to pursue purity, to work out our salvation lest we be disqualified and fail to finish our race. Scripture doesn't reveal the number or identity of those who will say, "Lord, Lord!" and fail to enter the Kingdom. Thus, we should fear the One with the power to cast us into eternal fire.

Any good thing that came from Mike Bickle, Robert Morris, and the like, is wholly accredited to God. Humans---even the greatest among us---are mere sinners and dust. We have no justification for harboring predators and false teachers, shunning their victims, and working overtime to "restore" wolves to the sheep pen. We ought to consider that God sees straight through us, and He's never impressed by anything we say or do. He will not excuse the sins we hide and refuse to confess. It is incumbent upon Christians to remember that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior and Friend.

He is our Judge and King before whom we will stand to give an account for our lives.


  1. Well said. We will see how many ministers answer this wake up call.


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