Pedophiles by Proxy

On April 27, 2023, Peoria Unified School District (PUSD) voted to allow all students to use facilities that align with their gender identity. Board President David Sandoval and Board Members Bill Sorensen and Melissa Ewing effectively silenced every female in the district. 

Bathroom warfare 

I prayed earnestly before the board meeting. I wanted a victory in favor of the students who were crying out for help, including this so-called "transgender" boy. I've heard stories of girls holding their urine all day to avoid confronting him in their bathroom. I'm disturbed by the images and music on his social media. There are no videos of him having fun with family, friends, or even a pet. Instead of teenage pranks or showing off some new device, he posts pictures of his dry, cracked hands. Judging from the context of his media feed, I'd say chapped palms are the result of excessive masturbation. 

The "transgender" boy who uses girls' bathrooms at Liberty High School

This kid is obviously tormented by demons. I assume everyone in his life has given up on him. No district leaders care enough to acknowledge his mental health issues. Meanwhile, the majority of PUSD community members are fighting for girls' rights to privacy on school campuses. Shamefully, those with the authority to protect all students lack the backbone to put policies in place.

You know, Sandoval and Sorensen both remind me of former United States Attorney General Bill Barr. During the Trump administration, Barr was a weak, spineless, depressing coward full of excuses. I won't go on a political rant here, you can research that sissified man on your own time. Trust me when I say that same contemptible character is on display every time I enter the PUSD board room. 

I watched it happen in real time

Arizona's Family reported, "One West Valley school district was considering changes regarding which bathrooms transgender students can use...The [PUSD] board decided on Thursday night, voting 3-2, not to adopt a bathroom policy. This means transgender students can use the bathroom of their preference." I was there when the oxygen got sucked out of the room. Parents and community members were verbally and visibly upset; some cried while the majority stormed out before the next agenda topic.

Earlier in the year, Sandoval, Sorensen, and Ewing refused to second Board Clerk Heather Rooks on the first read of a physical privacy policy. On March 9, the three stooges also wasted taxpayer dollars retaining a lawyer for a Title IX presentation knowing the district had no intention of resolving the bathroom issue. Moreover, the board attorney admitted that SCOTUS has not ruled that male and female students are required to share private spaces at school.

I answered a call to the public and opposed Sandoval, Sorensen, and Ewing. It's no secret that they're primarily concerned with making the district and themselves look good. By allowing boys in girls' spaces, they figure they can avoid a lawsuit from transgender buffoons and equity activists. Thus, Sandoval, Sorensen, and Ewing are acting as pedophiles by proxy, using their governing power to prostitute PUSD students and advance the transgender agenda. My comments are linked below:

Traitor to all women

Melissa Ewing is a wretched embarrassment and disgrace to public office. In the name of "progress," she voted to turn the clock back to the early 1900s. In an effort to make herself look smart, she wasted time discussing a security conference she attended. Her brain-dead conclusion was that since no one brought up boys in girls' bathrooms, it must not be a safety concern. Mind you, in a climate of mass shootings on school campuses, Ewing also voted to hire Marxist-trained social workers instead of student resource officers.

Finally, Ewing showed her true colors by claiming no significant issues involving a transgender student had occurred at any school in the nation that warranted a bathroom policy. She's either lying, stupid, or both (I'm betting the latter). Loudoun County, Virginia is ground zero for what every parent is fighting against. The boy in VA tucked his penis under a skirt, was allowed in female bathrooms, and eventually sodomized a girl. The board covered it up and transferred him to another high school in the district where he abducted and raped his next victim after nearly strangling her to death. 

Pedophiles by proxy forever ruined those students' lives. Will PUSD be the next Loudoun County?

I'll let Ewing have the last word:


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