Let's Settle This

Let me say up front: I'm not the kind of Christian who compares Donald Trump to Moses, King David or Jesus Christ. Yet, I maintain Trump is anointed to accomplish greater things than any other Republican Party candidate. This is not the hour of Ron DeSantis and here's why:

"Self-made" describes someone who achieves notoriety or success solely through one's own effort. With respect to his PR agents and campaign managers, Trump was already an influential billionaire before the 2016 presidential election. This matters because he's the only head of state (that I know of) who didn't enrich himself at the expense of American taxpayers. In fact, Trump lost money while serving in officehe forfeited his presidential salary and benefits; he didn't broker any Establishment deals or accept "gifts" from foreign entities. I'm sure someone will correct me where I've strayed, but I believe Trump is the cleanest businessman and politician in American history.

DeSantis is a career public servant who (necessarily) depends on PACs, lobbyists and donors. In general, there's no issue with this and DeSantis has no other means by which he can fund campaigns and boost popularity. Even the most successful, white-collar American won't gain a foothold on the world stage without leveraging a minimum of six figures (and well above the half-a-million mark). Still, DeSantis owes a generous portion of his career to Trump (I'm being modest). Ergo, DeSantis isn't self-made. That's not a fault, it's a fact.

Don't get me wrong, DeSantis is an excellent governor and a model character. His leadership style is distinguished and highly marketable to RNC members across all sectors in all 50 States. Honestly, DeSantis is a better governor than Trump could be—if for no other reason than Trump wouldn't take a job where he's not the boss. Although the governorship is a chief position in the Executive Branch, it's not enough territory for a man who constantly commands the center of national attention. That said, Trump is a better president than DeSantis could be. When there's no longer a comparison, DeSantis will rise.

Christians who like Trump (sometimes) but prefer DeSantis are largely short-sighted and driven by emotion. Truly, you want someone to calm the cultural storms and make you feel good. You want an inspirational nice guy who doesn't rock the boat and "turns the other cheek" when the media launch an attack. In this regard, you cannot discern the spiritual reality behind what's manifesting in world history. Particularly, if you're an Evangelical or Non-denominational type, your presidential hopeful is likely a charismatic, peacekeeping caricature that's incompatible with the leaders God used in Scripture (I'm thinking of Samson, King Saul, King Nebuchadnezzar...).

Of course, we're going to have differences of opinion, and your participation in the democratic process is much appreciated. If you believe "wokeness" is the greatest existential threat to the Republic, then DeSantis is your man as he is MAGA without hubris. His loyalty to corporate and global interests is yet to be tested, but you're free to endorse him. I just want to challenge you to be honest with yourself. If you're pro-DeSantis because you view Trump as rude, immoral or braggadocios, then you're part of the Establishment problem. Your perspective is one of personality over policy, appearance over ability, safety over strength.

The President of the United States (POTUS) is the highest-ranking official in the world. Christians must accept the magnitude of the position and stop romanticizing political affairs. We don't need a soft-hearted pastor in the White House. POTUS is not one to baptize you and dedicate your newborn, he's preoccupied with keeping nuclear warheads from detonating on American soil. Whether POTUS goes to church or reads the Bible (which most believers won't even do) is irrelevant to God marking him for a historical purpose. Anti-Trump Christians need to move beyond piety and self-concern and ask the Lord for a governmental-sized vision and prayer life.

Trump and DeSantis both owe the American people a sincere apology for their roles during the COVID-19 pandemic. Only within the last few months did Trump stop bragging about Operation Warp Speed, and he has yet to formally endorse safer, more effective remedies to combat covid. We also saw DeSantis lock down Florida while pushing a full vaccination narrative on the public. I don't believe either of them was complicit in Big Pharma's scheme to control national response to crises. Yet, they are responsible for promoting a massive lab rat experiment. Let's see who humbles themselves first <insert smirking emoji>.

DeSantis has done a great job turning Florida a beautiful shade of red. He plays hardball, offers no apologies for doing what's right and he's confident on the world stage. As time goes on, he will leave bigger footprints in the political sphere. DeSantis will never be self-made, but he may arrive at a place where Trump's and the Establishment's endorsements are no longer needed. And of course, we can admire a leader who doesn't attract drama or stoke division while delivering winsome responses to media onslaughts. Nevertheless, DeSantis's policies are essentially MAGA without draining the swamp. Until he's in a position to confront the Party and defy the globalist regime, conservatives shouldn't readily bestow their votes upon him.

DeSantis should have waited until 2028. Although he appears to be a wonderful Christian and dedicated family man (some may even say he's sanctimonious), he is not marked for this moment. Trump's relationship with God is ambiguous and he often lacks conviction when posting on social media. I'm 100% okay with that. I don't need Trump to "declare Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior" to trust that he will do what he says he will do. DeSantis is up-and-coming; Trump has a proven track record. DeSantis is smart; Trump is savvy. DeSantis is a cage fighter; Trump is a gladiator.

DeSantis is the echo. Trump is the voice.


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