I Come in Peace, but I Mean Business

I finally spoke at the Peoria Unified School District (PUSD) board meeting on February 23. For several weeks, I listened to parents, community members, and young adults advocate for bathroom policies. 

Unfortunately, we have boys who dress and identify as girls using female facilities at Liberty High School. 

We also have a board president who refuses to add this issue to public meeting agendas.

During the February 23 meeting, President Sandoval and Superintendent Reynolds retained a lawyer in hopes of discussing Title IX rights in an executive session. It's my understanding that provisions under Arizona Open Meeting Laws permit whatever happens in executive sessions to stay in executive sessions. Had Sandoval's motion passed, board members would risk the penalty of sanctions (monetary fines), recall or impeachment if they broke confidentiality.  

But the strangest thing happened next!

When Board Clerk Rooks motioned not to go into executive session, it was revealed that even if the session took place, Title IX could be added to the next meeting agenda and discussed openly. Who woulda thunk!? And the lawyer was so kind to confirm this - effectively giving us all "legal advice" directly from the podium.

Of course, two district representatives knew all along they could waive attorney-client privilege and add issues discussed in an executive session to future agendas. 

Can you guess who the two were?

Oh, what a blessing it was to hear Sandoval and Reynolds profusely apologize for their...mistake. Thankfully, the motion failed as Sandoval was forced to vote "nay" on the executive session. Consequently, he assured the public that Title IX would appear on an upcoming meeting agenda. I'm not holding my breath, but it's wonderful that We The People have the receipts.

Now, why would grown men set parents and students up like that? What motive could they possibly have for stalling and allowing biological boys to continue accessing girls' private spaces? In my humble opinion, anyone who advocates for such nonsense is a predator (keeping it PG for the kids). It makes me wonder if PUSD leaders want this district to become the next Loudoun County.

Listen to my speech here or read the transcript below (click to enlarge):


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