Preying on the Innocent

The United States of America is a dangerous place for children. Over 60 million slaughtered in the womb. An unknown number trafficked across the southern border. School districts proudly host drag queen story hour (the New York Department of Education spent more than $200k for elementary, middle, and high school queen programs in 2022). If that's not enough, we're teaching toddlers to embrace Marxism.


School systems across the U.S. are infiltrated by communists who pose as teachers, counselors, and administrators with an agenda to indoctrinate the most vulnerable and valuable people in society. Critical race theory (CRT) - which is derived from critical theory, a philosophical critique of political and power structures - was once confined to the halls of higher learning. Now, children as young as three years old are engaging with this toxic doctrine that's marketed as "diversity, equity, and inclusion" (DEI).

DEI training for children is designed to target and influence those who are emotionally and cognitively underdeveloped. No first grader understands what it means to be a bigot, racist, or white supremacist. No child is mature enough to think critically about civil rights. Radical activists help these little ones digest DEI/CRT by creating cartoons and casting young characters who deal with issues of "social injustice" and "inequality."

In 2021, Megan Madison and Jessica Ralli wrote, "Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race." Publishers claimed the graphic novel was "developed by experts in the field of early childhood and activism against injustice." They also said the "topic-driven picture book offers clear, concrete language and beautiful imagery that young children can grasp and adults can leverage for further discussions."



In my opinion, any adult looking to leverage a conversation about skin color with toddlers is a manipulative racist and children are not safe in their care. Influencing innocent young persons to see themselves as victims or oppressors, while filling their minds with communist propaganda, is deserving of hellfire. I offer no apologies for my take on watching one generation stoke hatred and division in the next. It is pure evil to teach social justice ideology to children.

At an appropriate age, we should tell them the truth about history, society, culture, ethnicity, heritage, legacy, and tradition - these are the fundamentals of diversity. Each category presents an opportunity for kids to discover and ask questions. Children are naturally merit-based observers who can discern the characteristics of good and bad, fair and unfair, and right and wrong.

Why introduce skin color into this pure form of judgment? Why train them to think like segregationists? "Race" is a simple-minded, social construct that leads to prejudice and stereotypes and it compartmentalizes ethnic groups. In reality, there is only one race: the human race. Psychological games can only be won by arming ourselves with knowledge and ceaselessly countering lies with truth.


Communists and Marxists are targeting the next generation of politicians, scientists, teachers, and artists. More and more children of all ages are protesting, staging walkouts, and refusing to submit to authority. CRT is a godless, morally bankrupt ideology that will destroy America if parents and citizens fail to rise up. I've spoken to several moms who are pushing back, but they lack proper support and funding from their communities. Many are fearful of backlash and they're concerned about ruining their reputations.

Even if you have to stand alone, stand up. If no one listens to you, use a megaphone. If the board of education shuts you down, organize a protest, expose them on social media, draw as much negative publicity to the district as possible. Those of us on the side of truth will be labeled and slandered by those who cannot defend stupid ideas. We can't let this paralyze us. We should neither apologize for common sense nor give a disclaimer for upholding fact-based realities.

America is not a systemically racist nation and our children are worth risking all else that we hold dear. Marxism breeds rebellion, emotional unrest, violence, and death. There is no easy solution to this problem. This is a campaign of battles with no end to the war in sight. We must pray with our eyes open. We must be brave. We must be bold. We must do our part and stay in the fight for the next generation.

All photos are courtesy of Montgomery Township School District in Skillman, NJ.

Published December 22, 2022. Updated January 12, 2023.


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