Lost Generation

How ages 18-29 voted in 2022/Source: PragerU

Warning: Explicit language.

Although my elders assure me that wickedness and perversion have always been present, America is the furthest from God I've ever known it to be. Of course, sexual liberation and abortion were especially damning in the 1970s. However, I'm convinced Generation Z - those born between the mid-90s and early 2000s - is the most depraved generation.

"What happened with Gen Z in last year's midterms wasn't a glitch; it was a feature - a product of decades of indoctrination at the hands of higher education, the mainstream media and a popular culture taken hostage by wokeism."

- CJ Pearson/New York Post

The map above is only slightly exaggerated as available statistics show 30% of ages 18-29 turned out in 2022. Within that voting block, an average of 65% voted along Democrat lines. I knew better than to expect a "red wave" during the midterm elections. In fact, I only became familiar with the expression a few weeks before the polls opened. I avoid hopping on bandwagons and repeating fashionable phrases because I know data trends and predictions cannot alter our current trajectory. 

The moral attitudes of Gen Z are a manifestation of the values they inherited from previous generations. I believe about 99.99% of rebellious adults are the product of busy, negligent, or rebellious parents. These same parents did a good job of making memories and passing along family traditions, but they failed to impart respect for authority and control over sexual impulses. As for Christians, we must accept that God may not have it in His (or our) interest to "part the Red Sea" and instantly deliver us from every consequence. We won't see revival without mass repentance.

So, what are the leftist policies that ages 18-29 voted for? I'm glad you asked. Democrats - all of them, including "moderates" - campaign on the following:
  • Abortion on demand in all 50 states; most believe pregnancy should be terminable at any stage, and without parental consent for minors
  • Homosexuality, cross-dressing, and promiscuity should be practiced at the earliest age possible (this is why we see drag queen story hour for toddlers)
  • The southern border should remain open even while children are sexually traded between adult men, destitute women are raped as a form of payment to human traffickers, and fentanyl-related deaths continue to increase
  • Addicts should be allowed to live, defecate, and shoot up on the streets (many Democrat-run cities offer clean needles and dispensaries)
  • Non-violent criminals (i.e. drug dealers, thieves, and child molesters) should not be imprisoned but undergo rehabilitation and continue living among general populations
  • College education should be fully funded by working-class taxpayers
  • Critical race theory (racism, segregation) and gender ideology should be taught at all grade levels
  • There are more than two genders and biological men who identify as female should be permitted in women's spaces
  • Children should be allowed to socially transition their gender at any age; teens should have access to chemical castration drugs and undergo sex-change surgeries without parental consent
Photo Source: AdWeek
According to the Christian Post, "The United States of America is the most permissive country when it comes to pushing gender ideology and prescribing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children, compared to nearly a dozen European countries..." The article goes on to explain how present generations have embraced sex reassignment and sterilization as a new form of "healthcare." There are a host of identity and self-esteem issues I could fill this blog with, but none are more harmful or more permanent than chemically and medically transitioning to look like the opposite sex (or no sex at all).

In some parts of the world, girls as young as 12 years old can receive double mastectomies - a major surgery at any age. Boys are getting both testicles removed, and their penis cut off and reconstructed to have the appearance of a vagina. School administrators, social workers, and teachers are encouraging secret sex transitions, giving abortion advice, and permitting biological boys to use girls' showers and restrooms without parental knowledge. Although parents are waking up, in some cases, it's too little too late.

CJ Pearson's article said that "indoctrination doesn't end in the classroom: It's reaffirmed on social media - by [their] favorite celebrities, influencers and athletes and amplified by the corporate mainstream media." I hate to make anyone "feel like a bad parent," but if your kids have unmonitored and unrestricted access to TikTok, video games, and TV programs, then you're a bad parent. You contribute to societal problems when you tolerate disobedience, negotiate with defiant teenagers, and substitute your attention with sports, junk food, and entertainment.

By the time we enter adulthood, our value system is set for the rest of our lives. Absent a life-altering event (i.e. marriage, childbirth, significant loss, near-death experience), there is no incentive to change our behaviors or beliefs. And if we happen to dwell in a culture that celebrates lawlessness, perversion, impurity, and violence, then we're even less likely to see the error of our ways. But if there's one institution that won't fail us it must be religion, right?

For the sake of this discussion, religious affiliation serves as a marker for moral tendencies. In March 2022, the Survey Center on American Life published a report titled "Generation Z and the Future of Faith in America." The report says, "[P]arents of...Generation Z did less to encourage regular participation in formal worship services and model religious behaviors in their children than [in] previous generations. Childhood religious activities that were once common, such as saying grace, have become more of the exception than the norm."

The article continues, "For as long as we have been able to measure religious commitments, childhood religious experiences have strongly predicted adult religiosity...If someone had robust religious experiences growing up, they are likely to maintain those beliefs and practices into adulthood...In terms of identity, Generation Z is the least religious generation yet. More than one-third (34%) of [Gen Z] are religiously unaffiliated, a significantly larger proportion than among [other generations]..."

Understand that the demise of American society is a multigenerational, multi-institutional accomplishment. The "blue wave" we saw in 2022 will become a tsunami in 2024 if Christians and conservatives don't win back Generation Z. It's time to step into the arena of spiritual and cultural warfare. If you know someone between 18-29, then this is your responsibility. Be willing to do small things that cost your time, and be willing to do the big things that may consume your life. Use wisdom when taking risks and don't fear backlash when you uphold biblical standards of truth and morality.

If a young person lacks guidance and accountability, clear your schedule. If school board meetings are taking place near you, attend and speak. If you're a business owner, operate with integrity and form honest partnerships. If you're wealthy, help those in need. If you're married, treat your spouse right. If you have kids, don't let them spend more time with friends and social media than they spend with you. If you're a minister, preach an unadulterated gospel.

Pray and share your faith with Gen Z. Don't shy away from discussing politics and religion. Challenge their political activism and belief systems. Confront erratic behaviors. Pushback against their resistance and ignorance. They don't know it all, and most of what they do know comes from unreliable sources. Be a voice of reason and reality to all who are willing to listen. We can't rescue everybody, but if we change just one mind, just one life, then we've done our part.


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